Monday, October 14, 2013

Baby, the stars shine bright order

Hey all, 

First time ordering off the BTSSB site and here's a positive experience. The invoice was sent out the day I placed the order and sent out the day after. The process is a bit different to other places i've bought from, instead of the seller sending me the invoice, I had to send them money via paypal and in Japanese yen. There is also a condition that payment must be paid within 10 days or the order will be cancelled. The only problem I had was inputting the phone number so make sure to add your phones country code or follow this guide I used here

Here is a timeline of the transaction. 

7/10 Placed an order

7/10 An excel spreadsheet was attached to the email and paid via paypal to the designated email address given in the email. Shipping as always is a bit pricey since they use EMS shipping was 3000yen for 2 cardigans as they calculate it by weight (300g each). 
8/10 when you have paid the invoice, you will receive an email saying 
14/10 package arrived

"Dear ___.

Thank you for your payment.
We are pleased to inform you that your order was shipped.
Your EMS number is_______.
 Thanks for shopping at BABY,THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT.
We look forward to hear from you again."
Left: Btssb cardigan with fur collar Right: AATP cardigan with bambi fur
Both look similar except for the buttons,collar and where the emblem is stitched

the cardigans arrived in a box.
 it was nicely packaged with tissue paper around it and a plastic shopping bag
 Super excited, to open the package. It's the first time owning branded knit outerwearimage
I ws surprised on how thick the cardigans felt and the collars and stiching were amazing. 

Super happy with this purchase/experience with BTSSB.
Thankyou for reading

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Tokyo Pirates Shopping service- Aatp Charme de rouge jsk

Hey all, 

It's been a whilst since I posted anything up but here's a little review on the Shopping service Tokyo Pirates .

I stumbled across this SS when I was looking a personal shopper who'd go directly to the store instead of buying it online and this seemed perfect for it. Communication is quick and the order was complete within a day and details were exchanged via email.  

(Your) Name:
Paypal Address:
Preferred Shipping Method:
Feedback Page (if applicable):
Item(s) Info:
Please include any and as much relevant information as possible – e.g. item’s name, shop name/location, website links, size/amount/colour, etc.

After you've sent all the details required, Jamie will ask you to confirm the amount and an invoice via paypal will be sent to you. NOTE: You'll need to pay in advance. Just by luck, on saturday the travel fee (normally 1560 yen) was half price!

Fees are calculated as followed:

Item Price + 7% or 700 yen (whichever is greater) commission fee + Travel Expenses (normally 1,560 yen, but you can get free & reduced travel expenses on special shopping days)* + Shipping & Packaging + Paypal Fees

With her response here was the quote 

26040 (item price) +1823 (7% commission fee)+ 780 (travel fees) + 1650 (estimated shipping cost via EMS) +  1271 (Paypal Fee) = 31564 yen 

The SS also does waiting prior to opening times of the stores, but per hour is 1500yen or ($15). Since it wasn't a sales event or a popular item the above fees were calculated. 

Here is the dress I asked Jamie to get for me since I'd read reviews how it took weeks for a mail order to get processed directly from the BTSSB store. 

Charme de Rouge~ Red shoes only for me ~ jumper skirt in black x off white lace x black ribbon. Shame there is no matching headBow with this but just otks. I've been very fond of AATP prints since purchasing the Marionette in my closet skirt. 


Duration there -> here

24/9 emailed an order
28/9 Jamie went in store to pick up the dress (I waited until Saturday since it was half day travel costs)
30/9 dress was shipped out
5/10 dress arrived

Here's the package the jsk came in

Nicely wrapped in tissue paper and the AAtp plastic shopping bag came with it. Jamie kindly game me a freebie in which it was a mirror.

 As always, the colour of the jsk matches the image shown on the website, this is what I like about Aatp :) The dress looks amazing where the print is evenly distributed as well as there is shirring at the back! I also find that the colour matches very well in which the gray curtains slowly blends into the black background. 

What I don't like about the structure of this jsk the thick lace above the bow also makes the dress look a bit over the top and brings much attention to it. The waist ties and strap are made of I assume chiffon which make the dress a bit meh but overall I like the print of this dress :)

Thanks for reading :)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Mecca cosmetica lipsglosses

Hey all,

It's been a while since i've posted but recently I ordered some cosmetics from Mecca cosmetica. Since I don't really go out I thought i'd be convenient since this store stocks a lot of brands. I've been searching for some lipglosses so I thought i'd try out some.

Packaging overall from Mecca is amazing. A nicely fitted box with wrapping paper inside ;D

Ordered 22nd of August. It arrived on the 27th. Express post Shipping was free :)

 I'm a sucker for cute packaging so these were the two I ordered.  

  • Mor Little luxuries lip necter in marshmallow

The gloss appears pinkish in the tube but when applied is a clear with some sparkly.It also has a nice vanilla musk scent. I was hoping that this would show I guess i'll be using this over a lip tint instead. 

  • Too faced  glamour gloss in plush
As this gloss is a volumizing lip gloss, when first applied it gives off a tingling feeling and naturally plumps your lips. The applicator brush is convenient compared to those brush ones and nicely glides onto lips. It isn't sticky so that's a +1 for me. It's a nice shades and has a nice gold shimmer. 

Monday, July 1, 2013

FromJapan shopping service review

Hey all,

This will be a review on the shopping service FromJapan. They offer a wide range of options from a shopping service, real time bidding shopping, sniper bid, and a find it for me service. They ship right to your door. When it comes to payment there is the option of paying via paypal, credit card or deposit (keep in mind there is a 5% system usage fee.

Just just purchased some stickers from the web store Bside-Label and some lolita items from mbok. 

So here are the calculations:

so on the first page you can click which items you want to be sent together-AI marked all

placed order 22nd may

Overall cost for charge 1 is 15225yen

Final amount total calcuations:
(price x quantity) + commission fee - used points (if any) + system usage fee 
13100 + 1400 + 0 + 725
Once you confirm it can't be cancelled. 

After payment you are sent to the shipping option page

Select items you want to be shipped together

Keep in note there are surchages for extremely large items or an item is specified to send to a Japan local address, members are required to pay 5% of the total charges as an additional fee. Also be sure to read the fine print.,there is a 2000yen charge if you decide to repackage anything.

Choose any option as they will clarify it when in charge 2. I chose EMS just to be safe with regular packaging. I did find this a little tedious since i''d have to choose again when the items arrived. Also excess charge of 500yen if they don't have an appropriate used box? what is this.

(just a head up, you'll receive automated emails for every item you purchase. Prepare for your inbox to be flooded with notifications if you purchase a lot of items)

Updated: 21st of june, Charge 2 was required as all items have been received. For some reason one of my items took a LONG time to arrive at their place. 
On the page you have the choice on how much you want to declare.
you have the choice to have it sent via EMS, Airmail, SAL, Surface mail of FedEx.

You can also choose the option if you want it to be maked as "gift:

Overall it was 3432yen (domestic delivery charge + oversea shipping)

Now to wait~

1st of july the package is finally here :)
So it kind of took longer to receive my package but i'm just happy I received the package



imageGives user the option to upload the image of the product to avoid buying the wrong item
imageFast communication


image having to go though the shipping option twice (once in charge 1 then having to choose again on charge 2)
 imageShipping a bit expensive. ~$40 for items <500g

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