Saturday, May 4, 2013

Circlelens2u- Princess barbie Celestial Dream Blue, i.Max Feather Circle Violet review

Hey all,

Zzzz circle lenses have finally arrived. Strangely enough the box got soaked but the envelope outside was completely dry :S scratch that, i found out why, one of the lense bottles had cracked..

Ordered 11th April,Arrived 3rd May

Lenses ordered

left to right: i.Max Snow Witch brown, Princess barbie Celestial Dream Blue, i.Max Feather Circle Violet

And here I was all excited to try these on.......
(i have sent them an email and proof of the crack and they have messaged me back that they'd send me a replacement...zz....3 more weeks)

I'll review the brown lenses when the othr pair arrives so first up, 

 Princess Barbie Celestial Dream blue

Window lighting
With flash 

Water content:42% 

Rating (out of 5)


Have a really nice halo effect and enlargement 

These circles are quite unique with blends of blues,black, browns and purples. They have a thin ring so it's not really noticable.


Comfy and no need to rewet. 

 i.Max Feather Circle Violet

Water content:42% 

Rating (out of 5)


On brown eyes these are quiet dark and not noticable. 


43% water content, when I first put them on they were super comfy and no need to rewet. 

thankyou for reading image


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